"The Livingroom Bar" A simple how-to guide for mixing cocktails at home.

21st of May ~

After scribbling down drink recipes and tips countless times for friends and folks I’d meet through catering parties, I realized it was time to pen down what I thought where the absolute minimal basics to making a good drink.  At home.  We all love a good drink out and about, but some of my favorite moments have been shared with friends around a fire sipping on tasty tipples.

There are thousands of pretty glossy books out there that give intricately composed recipes, but unless you’re a professional bartender, the results can be quite… mixed.  And the time commitment is daunting if you want to start making drinks immediately.

I aimed to write an approachable booklet that would open the doors of drink-making to anyone interested, with short lists of what you’ll need, and where you can take your new-found skills once you’ve understood the basics.  “The Livingroom Bar” is the simplest way to start making great drinks within a day.

Made with heavy cotton paper, each one is hand bound, and the cover has neat embossing.  This makes a great gift, and I’m happy to ship as such, just let me know in the message field when you check out.

Happy drink making!

“THE LIVINGROOM BAR” $8.00 + $2.50 S&H OR $3.50 for gift S&H

Lydia Reissmueller: Our focus is using high-quality ingredients, specifically seasonal and local produce, that respect the finely-crafted spirits they are paired with.