How does this work, you ask?

You send us your party details and cocktail choices, and we tell you how much booze to purchase, then we turn it into delicious bottled cocktails in a kit with serving accessories, and deliver it to your door COD. We will change our menu seasonally, and can make drinks not on our menu with a little extra lead time.

Our Menu

We would love to cater your event. For an Event Quote Request, fill the form.

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Add SnacksAdd FoodAdd Food

The more information we receive from you, the more detailed the quote can be. We only give quotes over the phone or in person, but we are always happy to give ball park numbers over email.

This is how it works?

  1. You choose the cocktails that sound good to you, tell us how many guests you’re expecting, and how long the party is going. We have a $150 minimum, and ask that you order 2+ days in advance.
  2. We tell you how much of each we recommend, and how many of each bottle to buy.
  3. You purchase the booze at Pearl Specialty, and leave it there.
  4. We turn it into delicious bottled cocktails, and create a package with everything you'll need to serve them, besides with us for the cost - your at the time of delivery, with either cash or Visa/MC.


  • $150 minimum. All accoutrements & delivery included.
  • Not sure what you want, or how much you need? We’re happy to put together a selection for you, just tell us in the comments.
  • Our bottled cocktails have a shelf life of at least 2 months, and love to be shaken up before being served. You can keep them in the fridge, but it’s not necessary.
  • Under no circumstances will we drop off booze to minors, so have your ID ready when we deliver. We are not bartending your party, and so therefore are in no way responsible for anything you do, or happens to you anytime you consume too much alcohol. That said, be honest with yourself about your alcohol tolerance and that of your guests, and make sure everyone drinks plenty of water so you can all look back fondly on the evening.